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What Did Trayvon Look Like? That Depends on Your Politics

When Trayvon Martin became national news earlier this month, many Americans were shocked that anyone could think such a sweet-looking kid was a menace, much less shoot him to death as he walked home with a bag of Skittles. But some media outlets want readers to see him differently. As the controversy has stayed in the news, some conservatives got the idea that liberals were somehow benefitting from it, and launched a campaign to show that Martin wasn’t so adorable after all. Several right-wing bloggers, like the Drudge ReportDan Riehl, and Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy, have made this case  sometimes using photos of the wrong teenager. But as The New York Times‘ Robert Mackey points out, The Daily Caller has been a leader in portraying Martin as a thug, using photos and slang-packed tweets to show him as a menace. The Daily Caller’s stories about the Martin don’t include him smiling at his birthday cake or proudly decked out for prom. Rather, the site seems to prefer photos of Martin flicking off the camera or showing gold teeth.

Read more at The Atlantic Wire.

Using the wrong pictures as well, clearly demonstrating the power of racial profiling. Wow, So he has pictures of himself in different poses that some argue are antagonistic (I’m sure if he was the opposite gender, with a different ethnicity that this would not be the case), which only demonstrates that he is like the other billion teenagers on earth that take pictures of themselves. And apparently because he was opinionated on social networking sites such as twitter, then this vindicates a shooting from the police and informal investigations from attention seeking media enthusiasts.

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    Using the wrong pictures as well, clearly demonstrating the power of racial profiling. Wow, So he has pictures of...
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    This whole case with this kid is realy retarded. If it was a white kid no one would care, people just love calling each...
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    I don’t understand why people are obsessing over what his character in life when we should be focusing on FACTS...
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